Monday, January 10, 2011

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our Aunt "DI" Thu


Thanks to our loving Aunt for turning me into a fashionista. She gives us clothes by the suitcase and it seems no matter how frequently I change my clothes throughout the day I still have not wore them all. This is my little brother Oliver and I hanging out with our aunt at di Emma's wedding. Isn't she sweet?
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Oliver is 4 months


This is our family portait when Oliver is 4 months taken last month. I will be posting our 5 month pictures up in a short while. My brother has grown so much since the first day I was introduced to him. Today he can roll over, coos, and laughs when I play with him. I just adore him and my parents too of course.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nesting Dolls

This evening mom took my brother and I over to Ms. Marsha's house for a visit and to see Sara the cat. We used to visit several times a week after dinner, but since "O-la-vr" was born we haven't been over. During our visit, Mr. Steve brought out a set of what the adults call Russian nesting dolls similar to those pictured above. Together Mr. Steve and I pulled the dolls apart and put them back together. When mom asked me to describe and tell a story about who each of the five dolls are I started with the biggest one and said, "Dada, Mamma, Audi, Baby O-la-vr," and when mom pointed to the smallest one I said "more baby O-la-vr", everyone just started laughing. I didn't understand why they were laughing, but I just gave them my usual Audi smile. I was really proud of myself when I was able to put those dolls back within each other with a little help from Mr. Steve.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Di Thu,
Happy Birthday to you!

I love you and I hope you have a superlicious day!
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Monday, February 15, 2010



I really enjoyed spending the day with you at the San Diego zoo on your birthday. You're the best! I look forward to playing with the 'bugs' again.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oliver One Month


It’s been a month since Oliver has been home and introduced to the world. He is growing rapidly and has a head of hair like no other. On the back is a perfect circle that twirls toward what looks like a bull’s eye target. His eyes are beautiful and he is getting quite good at doing the low brow if you can believe that. I guess it’s genetic since Dad and I seem to be born knowing how to do it. Though Oliver spends most of his day sleeping, when he is awake he has the sweetest expression. Mom always refers to him as “handsome and cutie”, and I guess she is right for I also think I have quite a handsome looking brother. He is rather alert when he is awake, but Mom says he has a little gas issue. Oliver is unable to digest very well and is a little harder on Mom than I was, though we both took the bottle at this stage quite well. I hope my brother continues taking the bottle so Mom will have more time to play and be with me.

When a baby turns one month, according to Vietnamese tradition a “Day Thang” ceremony is held where the child’s name is given and he/she is introduced to family and friends. I guess parents were thinking of this tradition when they were trying to think of a name for him. The day before Oliver turns one month, Mom did the “Day Thang” ceremony and there were so many colorful things on the table. I was able to sneak a few pieces before Mom caught me and I kind of got in trouble. One of my favorite was the orange sticky rice, yummo!
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Brother OLIVER!


Yes finally, almost a month after he is born we finally have a name for him. The story as to how he got his name will take a mini novel which someday I will write about. But for now, I am just happy to say he has a name and we can move on to sharing it with all our friends and family. That was a tough process, poor Mom and Dad. Though thank you to Di Thu for coming down this weekend to visit and pushing for my brother’s name. I love my brother regardless of what his name is, but I like Oliver and am learning to pronounce the word. Parents call him “Olie” for short which works as well, though I like saying his full name. Oliver came from the word olive which means “peace”. Dad wants to remember Ong Ngoai and choose an English name in honor of him, thus Oliver it is. His Vietnamese middle name “Nguyen-Khai” was also picked by Mom to honor ong ngoai too. She says she told Ong Ngoai about that name when he was ill in the hospital so that was picked out a while before he was born. We all miss Ong-Ngoai very much and the arrival of Oliver really shows it.
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Oliver Nguyên-Khải Mesic

Dear all,

I am thrilled to introduce to you my little brother, Oliver Nguyên-Khải Mesic. Little Oliver Khải was born on January 10th at 9:42 AM and weighed in at 8lbs 4oz and 21”. Although I didn't get to visit mom and little Oliver Khai in the hospital due to changes in visitation rules, I fell in love with my brother the first day I saw him. I am loving my new role as a big sister.

I hope you’ll have a chance to meet my new baby brother sometime soon!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What is my Brother’s Name?


My brother came home from the hospital without an official first name. Well you can say that he didn’t have a real name for the first few weeks of his life. Mom and Dad referred to him as “Khai”, “sweetie”, “baby”, and Grandpa’s favorite is little “Jimmy”. Though Mom and Dad are trying to figure out and finalize what he should be legally named, I refer to him as my brother. While everyone is patiently waiting for a name so we can announce my brother’s arrival, Dad has not been able to finalize one yet. He wants to find the perfect name and figures since he has to submit paperwork to get my brother’s name changed in his birth certificate anyways, he minus well take his time. Since we don’t have a name, not too many folks know about my brother being here. I will just have to be patient and wait a little longer.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poor Mom


Mom managed to land herself in the ER this weekend after spending the past few days with me and my brother all on her own. I guess all those times I asked to be picked up and held is finally taking a toll on Mom. She is feeling miserable and may have to be in bed for a while. Poor Mommy, we are going to get some help so that Mom can stay off her feet and get some rest. In the meantime Dad is taking extra care of my brother and I. He is so small and tender, I try to be gentle and just touch him softly. I have a baby doll that I have been carrying around and it helps with how I should hold and be gentle with my brother. This is his first week home, isn’t he sweet?
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

My family of Three...

Although I look forward to meeting my little brother and being a big sister. I will miss having my parents to myself. Mom talks about my little brother and sometimes I just get mixed feelings about the whole thing. Dad did a good job capturing those moments during our family photo shoot to document our family of "three" right before my brother's arrival.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's 2010! My New Year started with a day at the park with Daddy. My little brother is coming in about a week so we want to go and document some pictures of our family of three before it becomes a family of four. I will have those pictures in a different blog entry. Thanks to aunt Thu we were able to have a few family shots. Once again Dad did a fantastic job capturing all the Kodak moments.

I hope to blog more frequently this year.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Play, Swim, and Circus

My weekend starts with a swim at the UCLA Sunset Pool with my girlfriends Isabel and AE. Swimming was a lot of fun, but running around and playing tag with the girls at the lawn was even more fun. We would hold hands and walk towards the sand in the volleyball court, while our parents play paparazzi.

After a long morning, I took a nap in the car and off to Langer’s for lunch, then on to the circus we went. Dad and Mom loved the pastrami sandwiches at Langer’s, but I really enjoyed their chicken noodle soup and French fries with lots of ketchup. YUMMY!

The circus was so much fun. We were right at the front row where I saw clowns, elephants, horses, performers, tigers, and so many other things. There were so many things going on sometimes I didn’t know what to look at. But my favorite were the elephants, dogs and horses. I love how they performed all these tricks and there were so many of them. Thanks Daddy for some amazing seats!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Today is Mom and Dad’s 6th wedding anniversary. I am thankful and happy that they got married, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today. Dad was working in Singapore until July 4th so we celebrated Independence Day and their anniversary today. There were a lot of people at the house today, my grandparents, my aunts, my girlfriends and their parents, and lots of food. We had corn on the cob, sausages, crabs with tamarind sauce, ribs, and ice cream for dessert.

My girlfriends Isabel, Audrey-Elisabeth (AE) and I played around, ate popsicles and took a bath together. Hehheheheh I had so much fun today I told Mom to please invite my friends over more often.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My 1st trip away from Mom and Dad in San Diego.

Thanks to aunt Linda (Di Linda) I was able to take a short vacation in San Diego and gave Mom a 5 day break from me. This is the first time since I was born that I have been away from Mom for more than 12 hours.

Di Linda had my tripped pack full of fun activities and mini adventures. Each day was a different trip and experience. On the first day she took me to the San Diego Children’s Museum where I was able to explore all the different exhibits, play areas, and even did some art with Uncle Tony.

My next day included a trip to the annual Del Mar Fair, and there I saw farm animals, a pig race, lots of rides, food, and fun. It was a continuous ride of fun and a variety of different adventures. For the first time at Trader Joe’s I was able to push around my own shopping cart, pet a pig, and did really well away from Mom. I swam, ate different food, and was so well feed that I gained a pound when I returned home.

Thank you to my aunts and uncle Tony for hanging out and taking care of me.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cherry Picking

It’s our first Monday back from many weeks of nonstop traveling. Mom decided to head out to Leona Valley for some cherry picking before the season ends this weekend. I don’t ever remember seeing so many fruits in a single tree before.

At first I wasn’t sure if I should pick it, after some encouragements from Mom and my nanny (Ba Net) I decided to start. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. The first 20 cherries or so I picked, I ate them. The remaining ones I put them in the bucket just like Mom and Ba Net. It was a learning experience for me. I didn’t know that the cherries you picked and put in the bucket should be as nice and big likes those I like to eat. I just picked and put them in without closely evaluating them.

After Mom gave me a couple of lessons on which cherries I should and shouldn’t pick, I became better at it. Though Mom still helped me with weeding out the bad ones from the pail. It was hot (100 degrees F), windy, but so much fun. I can’t wait till we go and pick some other fruits this season.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hi Mr. Garbage Man!

Every Monday morning when Dad hears the garbage truck, we would run outside to wave to our garbage man and watch him pick up the trash. It was so much fun and I always enjoyed looking at the trucks, and waving to the man.

Now take that and multiply it by 10 and that was the annual Sanitation Festival. Here I was able to see garbage trucks after garbage trucks, push the buttons, honk the horn, watched the level being pulled and even sat in the trucks. You really can’t beat that, and to top it off I was accompany by my grandparents and met lots of my Piglet buddies there. The food and drinks were free, I was given a free mini garbage can, and Mom received a free citrus fruit. Mom says nothing is free, well I guess she didn’t know garbage is!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chicago and Savanna

A few days after returning from my long trip in Vietnam, we headed off to Savanna and Chicago. I was accompany by Grandmother, Mom, and Dad joined us later in the week. The week long in Illinois was full of visits with families, ancestors, and a wedding.

My first day I visited my great uncle Bob and his family just right outside of Chicago. I have seen them before, but it’s always fun to see them again. My second cousin Timothy came over to visit with his parents and we had a lot of fun together. One of my favorite things to do was watching Harley the dog run around and play.

The next day we drove out to Savanna, a city about 2 hours out of Chicago where Grandma grew up. It was beautiful and here I was able to visit the grave-site of Dad’s maternal grandparents, and great grandparents. I heard Grandma and Mom talking about my great grandparents so often on the trip that once I got there, it seems like I knew them. They must have been really beautiful people and I just hope I will grow up and be able to inherit some of their amazing traits & personalities. Especial great grandpa’s sense of adventure and being the renaissance man he was and great grandma’s happy personality.

I ran up to hug and kiss their headstones, and just really like to hang around there though Mom said it was getting too hot to stay in the sun. Savanna is a beautiful town and I am really happy I had a chance to come and visit it with Grandma. I hope to return again when I am older.

The wedding celebration that I was able to attend parts of was beautiful! I really like uncle Henry, he is funny and has a warm smile. The swing at Mr. O’connor’s house was so much fun, and I was captivated at how beautiful everything in the church was, especially the ceremony. Not to mention the great first baseball game I've been to in my life, go CUBS!

We ended our weekend in Chicago with sun on the Lake and an afternoon at the Children’s Museum with more friends and family. It was a long trip, but I really enjoyed it. Thank you Grandma for helping out with the trip and being such a great companion.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Aunt Linda graduated from UCSB today. Everyone drove up to Santa Barbara to attend the graduation ceremony and celebrate aunt Linda’s four years of hard work. I am really proud of my aunt, not only is she a beautiful person inside out, but she is a hard worker and does extremely well in everything she puts her mind to. In a few weeks she will start grad school and I will not be able to see much of her. Though I will tell parents to take me to campus often so I can visit and cheer you on. GO, GO, auntie Linda!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, mommy!

This morning Dad and I waited for Mom to wake up. Once she was awake I gave her tulips, a card, a balloon and one BIG hug. Thanks to my mommy (well and daddy too of course), I have many adventures and also be with one of my favorite person in the world.

Mom really enjoys food so we decided to be casual and go check out the local BBQ Festival in Santa Monica with my aunt Linda and grandparents joined. We had ribs, pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, and even cupcakes. It was so nice to have Grandpa and Grandma Mesic join us. I gave her one of my Mother's Day class craft that I made, and she really likes it. I am a very lucky girl to have such a loving family.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Thu, and my dog Balu.

It's the day before Mother's Day and we have Uncle Kevin and Aunt Thu visiting from San Francisco. It's been a long while since I've seen the both of them, especially my aunt Thu. The day she came, I ran up to greet her all naked in my diaper, but can you blame me? I haven't seen her in what seems to be forever, and I used to see her everyday.

We wanted to give mom the morning off so she can get some things done, thus off to the Palisades we went. First stop was the weekly Polo game where I saw horses and riders all over the field. They're playing ball with a stick, it looks so fun. Maybe one day I will be able to ride a horse, just like them. Then Dad headed over to the local Fire Station where I checked out a very cool fire truck. It's big, red, has a long white ladder, AND I get to sit on the inside to check out all the equipments.

Dad wrapped up our trip with a short visit to the Los Angeles Lake Shrine where we strolled through the lake and even saw a couple of swans. After that I was happy to be home and hang with my dog, Balu. What a day, thanks Dad, Uncle Crabtree, and Aunt Thu.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My day with Daddy.

Today was Mommy’s day off so I got to spend the entire day with my daddy. As you can see, he dressed me in this oh, so fashionably daddy outfit. He took me to the park, fed me all my meals, we bonded on the back porch reading and playing around, and wrapped up the afternoon with washing mom’s car. I really enjoyed helping Dad wash the car. Though I got all wet and it was a little chilly, I try to help Dad wash all the lower parts where it may be hard for him to reach. It was hard work; there were so many spots to try and “clean-up”. After I finished washing the car, I took a break to say hi to our neighborhood dog Penny while Daddy finished it off.

Dad then fed me dinner, bathe me, read me some books and put me to bed. He is the world’s BEST Daddy.

Thank you Daddy for such a fantastic Day!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mom's Birthday

Today was such a beautiful day. We started off the day at KidSpace in Pasadena with my friends, Evan and Elijah. This place is quite spectacular, it has a toddler playing area outdoors and indoors. There's a man made stream where you can sit in and play with lots of little trails to walk around.

After the KidSpace museum, we met up with Mom's friend, aunt Diane and went out for cupcakes. It was fun, but really hot out in San Marino. We headed back west to the Lakeshore Learning Store before going out to pick up Jamaican food. In the late afternoon, mom and I sat on our back deck and had a little sunset Jamaican food picnic. It was so much fun as we sat there eating, watching the birds, and looking at our favorite tree.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

San Diego and Seaworld

This past weekend, we were at Seaworld. I like the Sesame Street area where I saw Elmo and all his friends. We played in the water fountains, watched Shamu, and saw Seymour & Clyde performed. This is my first trip to Seaworld since I've been mobile. I look forward to going there more often since Mom purchased a season pass.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Easter Party

For Easter this year, Mom threw an Easter Egg hunt party in our backyard. It was so much fun preparing for the party. We stuffed over 300 eggs with stickers and treats, then I helped mom put together all my little friends' snacks. Mom then tested my egg finding skills by hiding them all over the living room, just so I can hunt for them.

On Saturday, the day before Easter we had 22 of my Lil' friends and their parents over. All my friends were dressed up in their Sunday best. We played, hunted for eggs, and had so much fun. I ended up with three baskets full of eggs, and was excited to continue looking for eggs. Mom asked that I start hiding the eggs so others can find it instead of picking up more eggs. I had just as much fun hiding them as I did finding them. I can't wait till next year when we get to do this again.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Santa Maria

I visited Great Grandmother Johnson in Santa Maria today. She is 90 turning 91 in a few months, but she has a great complexion. We went to the local Children’s museum, and I had so much fun. There are so many different play areas, nooks, and things to do. I really like playing with the rubber pebbles sand box and met a large tortoise. We met mom’s Middle School Friend, aunt Vy and her son William there. Willliam is really cute and I like him.